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Our main purpose is to provide our students with a well-rounded education. Piaget Bilingual Academy has the mission to nurture student’s knowledge and the ability to communicate fluently in English. We are responsible to foster in our students a healthy self-image, good decision making, and positive values to become respectable and productive citizens in a rapidly changing society.

Piaget Bilingual Academy has the vision to offer the students that attend our school a joyful learning experience in a positive and healthy environment. Our goal is to form self-sufficient and productive individuals with the skills to take full advantage in their next stage of life. In navigating through the pages of this website,

I am sure you will visualize the diversity of Piaget Bilingual Academy’s offerings. Our priority, above all, is our pupils. It will be our honor if you visit Piaget Bilingual Academy. You and your family will feel at home.


Piaget Bilingual Academy was founded in August 1988. In the beginning it was located on Rd 604, Bo. San José, Manatí. The school began operations with only 6 employees and 24 students. At that moment they only offered preschool. At the end of that first year these students were promoted to the next grade. In this way we got to reach to the ninth grade. Piaget Bilingual Academy became the only bilingual school in the Arecibo district.

Due to the limited space, constant flooding, the desire of the parents to see their children graduate from high school in our Institution and the demand for quality bilingual education, after 20 years of operating in this location we decided to be relocated in Rd 686 k.m. 1.8 Bo. Guayaney, Manatí. We started our operations in our new facilities on August 2007 adding the 10th grade and eventually reaching the 12th grade. These students come from different cities like Dorado, Vega Alta, Vega Baja, Manatí, Ciales, Florida, Morovis, Corozal, Barceloneta, Hatillo, Quebradillas, Arecibo and Camuy who are seeking a quality bilingual education.


Dr. José A. Martínez Piñeiro

José A. Martínez Piñeiro was born on December 15, 1941 in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. Procreated by Mr. Guillermo Martínez and Mrs. Julia Piñeiro, being the youngest of nine children. He attended Elementary School at Eleanor Roosevelt in Hato Rey and “Doctor Antonio S. Pedreira” in San Juan. He studied Junior High at School of the America in San Juan. He graduated from High School at Central High School in Santurce. He began college at the University of Puerto Rico where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education majoring in History and Sociology. He worked as an elementary and high school teacher. He received his MBA from the University of New York. Then he worked as Director of Elementary School in the municipality of Ciales.

Years later, he became the youngest person ever to direct the “Fernando Callejo” High School in Manatí. During this time, he meets María A. Pagán who worked as a teacher at “Josefa Rivera Miranda” Elementary School in Manatí. They were married and fathered four children: Leisha, Isabel, José “Junior” and Karla. He worked in the Educational Region of Caguas and Arecibo. He also directed the Bi-Cultural Bilingual Program and was Director of the Social Studies Program at Central Level. Due to his outstanding accomplishments, the Department of Education granted him a scholarship for studies leading him to the PhD, which he obtains at Penn State University. There he met Dr. Prewitt and Mr. Thomas Yakee who had presented a program based on the philosophy of Jean Piaget. He practiced what he had learned in the towns of Reading and Bethlehem in the Regular Program of Bilingual Puertorrican children obtaining excellent results.

When he returns to Puerto Rico, he directed the night program at “Universidad Católica” in Arecibo, worked as a professor at “Universidad Central” in Bayamón, and American University in Manatí. He was a reader at Master’s Thesis in Administration and Supervision at the University of Phoenix in Guaynabo. In 1988, he taught at Dawling University. During the same year and at the request of his wife they decided to found a private school based on the philosophy of Jean Piaget. They named it Piaget Bilingual Academy. On June 26, 1995 he passed away but still his legacy remains.

María A. Pagán Negrón

María Antonia Pagán Negrón was born in Manati. Her parents were Antonio Pagán Berrios and Carmen D. Negrón Arroyo. She spent her childhood in Manatí. At 9 years old she moved with her family to Chicago. There she continued her studies at Marillac House Elementary School.

She returned to Puerto Rico and coursed Junior High School at “Jesús T. Piñeiro” and High School José at “Severo Quiñones”. Upon graduating High School, she began her studies at “University of Puerto Rico” Arecibo Campus. After completing her freshman year, she is recruited as an English teacher at the Bilingual Education Program at “Rivera Josefa Miranda” elementary school in Manatí. While working as a teacher, she continued her studies at the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras obtaining a degree in English at elementary level.

She marries José A. Martínez Piñeiro, affectionately called Pocho, procreating four children. She also worked at “Cruz Rosa Rivas” I and II, and José de Diego elementary schools and “Fernando Callejo” High School Manatí. In the private school system, she taught in “Colegio Inmaculada Concepción” and Baldwin School in Manatí and “Colegio Nuestra Señora del Rosario” in Vega Baja.

In 1988, she and her husband took on the great challenge of founding the Piaget Bilingual Academy in Manatí. Even though her husband passed away, María Antonia and her children continue to work in making Piaget Bilingual Academy an outstanding bilingual school in the Northern Region.


As an educational institution, Piaget Bilingual Academy of Manatí, Inc., is committed to provide an atmosphere where students are encouraged to strive for excellence. The institution’s goal is to assist students in achieving their full potential as well adjusted individuals. We aim to develop their ability to be self-sufficient and productive members of a rapidly changing society.

Our goal is to create a healthy environment for our students, leading them to become respectable and responsible citizens. The school recognizes student’s individual aptitudes, interests, cultural differences, and seeks to provide diversified attentions to meet their needs and develop the basic skills which will enable them to take full advantage of the opportunities presented in life.


Piaget Bilingual Academy of Manatí, Inc., has the mission to nurture in students’ knowledge, understanding, awareness and the ability to communicate fluently in English. We are responsible to foster in our students the development of a positive self-image and responsible decision making in preparation for a productive life.

Piaget Bilingual Academy of Manatí, Inc., offers its students a diversity of learning experiences that establish a solid foundation for their future academic development. Both our school curriculum and teaching philosophy encourage the development of creative and critical thinking. Piaget Bilingual Academy of Manatí, Inc., is proud of its positive impact and contribution towards the well-being of our students.


Piaget Bilingual Academy of Manatí, Inc., has the vision to offer the students that attend our school a joyful learning experience. With the cooperation at home, the academy seeks to provide diversified attentions that meet students’ needs by recognizing their individual aptitudes, interest and differences.

One of the most important goals of the school is to teach students to be able to interact in society. This is why we offer students extra-curricular activities such as Computer Club, Library Club, Interact Club, Robotics, Theater, Recycling Program, Girls Scouts and Chorus.

Goals & Beliefs

  • Help students develop intellectually, socially and emotionally so they become responsible members of our society.
  • Promote in student’s self-discipline and respect for authority.
  • Provide students with educational skills that will help develop their full potential and communicate fluently in both English and Spanish.
  • Teach students about equal rights and opportunities, the essence of democratic society, and encourage them to assume their responsibilities in society.
  • Teach students about natural and physical science, so they understand the world in which they live, man’s relation to it, and their roles in preserving it for future generations.
  • Make students aware of technological advances, and how these changes impact our society on a daily basis.
  • Use the community as an educational resource.
  • Provide opportunities for the students to develop artistically and use their creative abilities / interests for both vocational and leisure purposes.
  • Encourage students through extra-curricular activities to manage their time so that they may achieve a balance between work and leisure.
  • Develop and promote values and attitudes that will enhance students’ physical, emotional, and social well-being.
  • Help students understand and realize the dangers associated with the abuse of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.
  • Provide a competent, professional staff whose main concern is the students’ education.
  • Foster and preserve positive relationships between administration, faculty, parents and students.
  • Provide and maintain adequate facilities for carrying out the school’s programs.
  • Maintain a healthy environment.
  • Enforce discipline according to the guidelines set by the school in order to ensure an adequate atmosphere guided towards learning.


  • The Puerto Rico General Council of Education
  • The Puerto Rico General Board of Education
  • National Honor Society
  • Association of Private Schools of Puerto Rico

Our Facilities

Board of Directors


  • Deida Concepción – Maintenance
  • Doris Maldonado – Maintenance
  • José Sierra – Maintenance
  • Mildren Figueroa – Maintenance
  • Olga Negrón – Maintenance
  • Ileana Oliveras – Maintenance
  • Enrique Jiménez – Security

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