Extracurricular Activities


Piaget Bilingual Academy has an excellent athletic department which we are all very proud of. We have a great team which works every day to influence the lives of our students through sport and education. We are proud of our athlete’s achievements not only in court but also outside of them.

We believe faithfully that sports are an essential part in the development and growth of our students. We work hard to develop leadership, respect, responsibility, integrity so they can become good athletes and people in the future.

Our achievements

  • Youth Female Team, Bi-champions “Primera Hora” Cup
  • Elementary Female Team, Sub-champion “Primera Hora” Cup
  • National Buzzer Beater Championship, Champions

Outstanding athletes

  • Chosen in the national team of Puerto Rico, 16+ category: María González, Yaidy Rosado and Thalia González
  • Beach couple team that’s going to participate nationwide in California in the 17+ category: Allanis Navas and María González
  • Naomi Tirado breaks national mark in the hammer event.
  • Full-ride Scholarship for Talía González at Georgian Court University in New Jersey, NCAA Div. #2
  • Full-ride Scholarship for Yelianiz Torres at Bowling Green University in Ohio, NCAA Div #1




This course designs, creates, analyzes, and incorporates computational systems that can interact with both human and physical environment. The main focus of the course is to bring together the disciplines that contribute in the research of robotics. The study of robotics and the place it has in the world include many fields of engineering. Some of these fields include: computer science, mechanical engineering, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and biomedical engineering among others.

Some of the main areas that this program will have are the following: be aware of the environment, external agents and internal body information. Reasoning with the information so we can make decisions for control, localization and guidance. And last but not least, acting upon the body and environment so we can produce a motion of other outputs that enable the robot to move from one place to another and interact with the environment. The goal of this programs is to train students in the many fields so they can be independent researchers and engineers and become leaders in the future for robotics research in the school, industry or government.

Girls Scouts

Providing opportunities for our girls through leadership experience

The Girl Scouts program it’s designed to help girls develop the courage and self-confidence and most importantly is they are taught to be leaders in their own lives while learning essential skills for success in the future. Girls Scouts is for all girls, from kindergarten through twelve grade.

The girls develop their leadership potential through activities that allow them to discover their values, skills and the world around them; connect to others in a positive environment and take action to make a difference in the world.

¡If you want fun, challenges and friends…know us and join the adventure!

“Be the star of your own history”

Where: Classroom #20
When: Friday’s
Hour: 3:30 to 5:30pm


Our dedicated staff works to enhance our school’s current recycling effort and to encourage students and parents to think differently about the materials they use. Recycling is one of the easiest and most traditional ways to have a positive impact on our environment and community. The simple act of tossing a can into a recycling bin rather than a trashcan not only diverts needless trash from entering landfills, but also decreases the need to extract and process virgin materials from the earth. Recycling protects our natural resources and energy, and also helps the economy by reducing production and energy expenses.

The types of materials that we collect in this program are plastic and aluminum. Plastic waste includes: plastic bags, water bottles, rubber bags and plastic wrappers. Aluminum waste includes: cans from soda drinks, fruit cans and all other cans.

When these materials are collected, they are sent to the recycling unit, where all the waste from each type are combined, crushed, melted and processed into new materials. Recycling helps protect the environment, conserves natural resources, saves energy and creates jobs by hiring people to collect, sort and work in recycling companies. As part of the recycling program the administration organizes a special event in which students create clothing such as dresses, shirts, pants, bags and accessories with recycled material. Then they model them in our Eco Fashion Show. Students receive prizes and recognition for their effort.

Let’s work together to protect our environment.



The music club integrates students from 4-12 years old at the elementary level. They learn to play flute and singing techniques such as breathing, vocalization and interpretation among others. Moreover we integrate the chorus of bells in which they acquire projection and rhythmic sense and recognize the notes and sounds.

This helps them develop perfect pitch and recognize the note by name just by listening to it. We also integrate students in middle and high level. They are the musicians of the choir and represent our institution inside and outside activities during the year.

Library Club

The Library Club consists of a group of students who help the librarian in many different ways, including properly organizing books, keeping the library in order and assisting other students in finding books.

The club members also help prepare activities for other students from different grades that will help enrich their curriculum. The club members help enforce the rules by showing other students the proper conduct while in the library and on school premises. The main goal of the library club is to keep inspiring students to be knowledgeable, resourceful, responsible and independent at school and in their personal lives.

Computer Club

The computer club works in the student’s development and management of technology in the XXI century. It aims to train students in various programs and develop their interest in providing tutoring to their peers when they need it.


Interact is a service club for youth, 12 to 18 years of age, interested in solving community problems that they are more concerned about. In Interact you will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in service projects
  • Establish contacts with people of other countries
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • ¡Have fun!
  • How does interact club makes de difference?

Every Interact club makes two projects of service for a year: one in benefit of the school or community and the other to promote international understanding. Through service projects you can take action in your town and abroad, socialize with other young leaders and motivate club members.


Conquering the students who want to overcome major challenges showing that they can do it so they can face the real world with security. The club’s mission is to get students to achieve their goals, feel sure of themselves, giving them the opportunity to be able to develop their talents to the fullest in Fine Arts.

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